How Your Sun Lakes Realtor Decides a Home Price Chandler

With two golf courses, five clubhouses and amenities everywhere you look, the community of Sun Lakes has many features that draw potential buyers. Add to this an ideal location, and you have a home in an area where property values tend to be high and remain high. Homeowners who list Sun Lakes homes for sale have a great chance of selling and for a fair price. Before you list your Sun Lakes real estate, however, you need to have a clear understanding of the potential price of that home. Here are some factors to consider when determining the list price of your home.

Tracking Current Trends for Sun Lakes Real Estate

The first consideration to make is what the homes in Sun Lakes and your specific area of the community are doing. Trends change drastically and in a short period of time, so it's vital that you have a way to compare current list prices as well as recently sold prices. Your Sun Lakes realtor will be able to pull this data for you.

Listing and selling prices are just the first part of your consideration when looking at other homes in your area. You also must consider how many homes are on the market. A high demand with a small supply will give you a better asking price, while a large supply and low demand will mean you need to lower your price a bit.

Current Condition of the Property

While current trends are a great starting place, they are simply that - a starting place. You also must consider the condition and amenities of the property itself. For instance, if your home has a private pool, but the one across the street that sold last week does not, you may be able to ask more for your property than your neighbor did. If your home is in need of interior updates and repairs, it's not going to get as much as the home that was recently remodeled.

Location of the Property

Sun Lakes homes for sale are almost always in a great location, but sometimes the location within the community can add to or detract from its potential price a little. For instance, if a home is located on the golf course or near the clubhouse, ti may be more desirable than one that is not near these amenities. You can discuss your home's location, and how it impacts the home's listing price, with a qualified Sun Lakes realtor to know the impact hits will have.

Ask for Your Custom Property Report

Pricing Sun Lakes homes for sale is rarely simple. With the number of factors that can impact the current market and the price of any particular piece of Sun Lakes real estate, it's important to get the right insight before you start the home selling process. Consider partnering with Cathy Carter, a Sun Lakes realtor, for a free, no-strings-attached custom home evaluation to help you price your home well.