Architectural Styles of the Homes for Sale in Chandler Arizona Chandler  

The architectural style of your house does more than just define its outward appearance. The style that you choose will dictate the type of floor plan that you will have, and it also can have an impact on your resale value. In Chandler, there are many luxury communities that feature certain architectural styles. It's important to consider your own personal tastes as well as the current demand for specific architectural styles as you are considering the homes for sale in Chandler.


A colonial is a very traditional and popular architectural style for families across the country, in particular in Chandler. Many of the most affordable and comfortable neighborhoods in Chandler feature spacious colonial homes that offer 3, 4 or even 5 bedrooms. Colonials are known for having two separate levels, with all bedrooms being on the upper level of the home. It is a classic style that originated in the 1600s, and has been appealing to families ever since.

Spanish Colonial

Spanish colonials are particularly popular in Chandler, as this community lies in the heart of the American southwest. Real estate in Chandler is known for its southwestern charm and Spanish influences. This architectural style can often be found in the sprawling estates that are nestled within the most exclusive neighborhoods in Chandler. Your Realtor in Chandler can help you find a beautiful Spanish colonial home that meets all of your needs.


Many of the homes for sale in Chandler are ranch-style homes, which means that they have one main level and often a basement. A ranch is a practical option for many first-time home buyers, but there are also many luxury properties available in this style.


Real estate in Chandler is known for its value and its charm. The townhome is an ideal option for single people, young couples and retired couples who are looking to enjoy maintenance-free home ownership. Consisting of several different levels and often connected to other properties, townhomes can be found in several luxury developments throughout the city.


Those who have modern tastes will love contemporary homes, that are known for their unique features and sleek designs. Your Realtor in Chandler can help you find the most stunning contemporary homes in the community.

Whether you are looking for a specific architectural style for your next property, or you want to learn more about the different options that are available in Chandler, the best way to begin your home search is by contacting an expert Realtor in Chandler. Cathy Carter is a licensed professional real estate agent who specializes in real estate in Chandler. Her career has spanned the length of more than two decades, and she is a local resident who is truly dedicated to the community. She prides herself on personalized service and delivering results. To find out more information about the homes for sale in Chandler, contact Cathy Carter today.